The Olive School is a Muslim faith based school. We are proud of our faith, its values and its emphasis on a shared view of humanity – one family and one world for which we all share responsibility. We take a progressive, outward-facing, inclusive and globally-orientated interpretation of the Islamic faith, with no room for extremism in any form.

Everything we do is designed to enable our pupils to live their lives from the outset according to the values of self-discipline, compassion, mutual respect for all people regardless of difference and respect for the earth itself. These fundamental values underpin our Muslim faith and our British society.

We aim to celebrate all that faith has to give and give our pupils a sense of joy at being part of the local and wider community. We have an inclusive approach to faith, welcoming people of all faiths and none and recognising that we are all part of, and contributing to, something far greater than ourselves.

We want all our students to get the very best foundations for their success in their lives in multi-cultural 21st century Britain. For our Muslim students, we want to help them to learn how to apply their Muslim beliefs and values in their everyday lives. As they grow, we want them to be able to demonstrate by their actions the very best of what the Muslim faith can contribute to British life and culture.

The Olive School, Hackney The Olive School, Hackney

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