Olive Hackney thanks partners by sharing food celebration

The Olive School, Hackney brought local community members together to share in an interfaith Iftar event.

The Big Iftar was the perfect occasion for the school to show its gratitude to some of the civic and religious leaders in the community who have supported the school during the year.

Iftar, or Fatoor, is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset and at the time of the call to evening prayer. The daily fast during Ramadan begins immediately after the pre-dawn meal of Suhur and continues during the daylight hours, ending with sunset with the evening meal of Iftar, the second meal of the day.

People gathered at the Cazenove Road school to share a meal as pupils, staff and members of the local community broke their fast on Friday 17 May.

The outgoing Speaker of Hackney Council, Councillor Claire Potter, attended. Other guests included Reverend Niall Weir, of St Paul’s Church, Rabbi Hershel Gluck OBE, Co-Founder of the Big Iftar, Julie Siddiqi, Maulana Hashim Rawat, Mufti Abdur Rahman, Sheikh Zymer Salihi and Former Metropolitan Police Commander Mak Chishty and Police Constable Ahmed Walley.

Everyone broke the fast with a feast of lamb biryani, samosas, tandoori chicken, spring rolls, dates and paneer.

Speeches included topics such as fasting in other religions and the Hackney community working together. Members of the school choir, who sang Ramadan and One Big Family, also entertained guests.

Principal Caterina Park said:

“The event was a special opportunity to bring members of our local community together to celebrate our commonalities and show gratitude for the ways in which we collaborate on a variety of projects throughout the school year for the benefit of our young people.”

Reverend Weir, of nearby St Paul’s Church, said:

“The evening was beautifully organised, the hospitably was warm and lavish, and the pupils were a credit to the school and all that it stands for.”

Rabbi Gluck OBE added:

“The event really showcased the broad and warm communal harmony fostered constantly by The Olive School, Hackney, with the school children themselves taking the lead with gusto in hosting the evening.”

Members of the local community gathered for the Big Iftar event

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